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With graduation safely out of the way I settled into my fixed-term research contract and began working on my publications from my thesis and a book-review essay connected to my secret dream-project…then, following a flurry of activity, I submitted an application for an Early Career Fellowship; if this application is successful, not only will I have secured a nice, comfy salary and academic position for the next three years, but I’ll actually be working full-time on my dream project! The project which I have been formulating for over a decade and which I wake up every day wishing I could spend every minute of the day studying…it’s almost on a par with my Jean Rhys obsession from a few years ago (and I’m sure it could surpass even that level of craziness, given half the chance!)

But in essence I now find myself in the predicament of doing lots of waiting: I’m waiting for my book-review-essay to be published; I’m waiting to hear whether my article based on the review from my thesis will be accepted, and whether my supervisors feel that the main-findings paper that I sent them can be shepherded into a submittable paper…but most of all, waiting on the outcome of my fellowship dream. And this isn’t unique to me – Faith has just heard that her fellowship application (to another funding body) was unsuccessful and meanwhile Kimberly is anxiously awaiting her interview for a professional fellowship, following successful navigation of the first round. So it seems, once the thesis is over, the tension simply shifts to other things…and all we can do is sit tight and cross our fingers…that it’ll turn out well for us in the end!

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