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At the beginning of the new year like this, when I’m all snowed in at Trem-y-Ddol, it’s nice to reflect on 2012 with all its quirky buffoonery. My favorite example has to be that of ‘Sandy Island’, which transcends time and space – or is at least global in nature and has lasted for centuries to provide us with amusement when finally discovered; to quote Wikipedia on the matter:

Sandy Island (sometimes labelled in French: Île de Sable) is a non-existent island that was charted for over a century as lying between Australia and New Caledonia in the Coral Sea. If the island existed, it would be within French territorial waters. The island was included on many maps and nautical charts from as early as the 18th Century, and gained wide attention in 2012 when it was definitively shown not to exist by an Australian surveyor ship. The island was quickly removed from many maps, including those of the National Geographic Society and of Google maps.



…Such fun…as Miranda’s what-she-calls-Mother would say!

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