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                             Ever since I learned what ‘trousseau’ meant (I was about 7 as I recall) I have dreamed about what my smartly-packed trunk would contain; this list often resembled the one Jean describes in the ‘Black exercise books‘, with its many different coloured dresses and gloves and hats.

                             It’s funny how I had taken everything for granted back then: I would no doubt find a suitor; definitely get married; and there would be no problem at all with buying a whole new set of special clothes for our honeymoon – a long holiday (a month or so according to dictionary definitions) that would begin just after the wedding, where our entire focus would be on each other.

                             The reality these days though is that, sadly, many never find the love of their lives, and even if they do they might not get married (and that’s sad assuming, of course, that they want to get married, and that it isn’t against their feminist principles etc.). Now since I’m a traditional sort of girl, as I approached 30 I had a definite quarter-life-crisis, the full wobble, and even penned a Welsh-language poem about reaching this age and having achieved so little…and to cap it all off, I was not even married!

                              But then all of my dreams did come true, and I did get married, to the love of my life, the year that I turned 30, and we had a lovely wedding in a splendid old hall – complete with poufy-gold, Mrs Anna-style dress, a chocolate fountain and a Band gwerin; my inner-Cinderella was well and truly exorcised! We did have a honeymoon and it was very appropriate – 2 days in Portmeirion, the perfect combination of Sci fi and Welshness. But I was in the middle of the PhD and I even took a copy of Byrne and Long’s ‘Doctors talking to patients’ with me! Then we were back to work/ PhD…and I hadn’t even had time to consider a trousseau.

                              Happily, three years later, with the PhD safely behind me, I am looking forward to an idyllic snorkelling trip in the Maldives at the end of the month – and I see this very much as our PhD-delayed honeymoon and am hugging myself with delight at the prospect.

                              There won’t be much call for fancy hats, gloves and dresses where we’re going (is there ever, really, these days?) but I am amassing a nice collection of bikinis and water-proof flip-flops for strolling along the beach; and whilst I absolutely cannot afford to buy anything post-laptop-purchase…I may just have to justify one final, black, Oakley bikini from Surfdome…on grounds that this is, after all, my trousseau!


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