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A thesis picnic…

            I can’t believe that almost eight weeks have passed since I handed in my thesis. I really struggled to finish it and had to work so hard near the end that I felt permanently dazed and confused…and ill, and angry, and grumpy, and extremely sorry for myself!

            In the end I handed it in four days shy of the final deadline, and since I’d completely struck out on the job front I escaped to Spain to my parents’ house in order to recover. This turned out to be the best idea I’d had all year (or possibly the last several years!) when I arrived in Spain I was pale, puffed up from all the junk food and inactivity which were an inescapable part of cramming, and I was tense, anxious and more than a little down in the mouth.

            I started the holiday with big ideas of sticking to a schedule of swimming and jogging, followed by hours of job applications and study…however it seemed that getting a tan might help me to look not quite so ill so I scheduled in a couple of visits to the beach…and once there fancied a sandwich nata and a mojito…on the second visit I distinctly recall slurping the last few sips of mojito and finally remembering what it felt like to relax and just ‘be’ for a little while, without any particular plan or purpose.

            My trip to Spain began with a one-way ticket and I stayed out there for almost three weeks, before returning bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to tackle my viva-preparation and get my academic career back on track…then somehow the next four weeks seem to have slipped through my fingers in a blur of job applications, mundane tasks I’ve been putting off and catching up with friends and family before they write me off as a complete dead loss…not that this wasn’t all lots of fun of course.

           And suddenly the viva voce is upon me! Well, almost. I have a meeting with my supervisors this week to help me to prepare for my viva. It’s likely to be an emotional meeting for me as it may very well be ‘last-contact’ now that they won’t be my supervisors anymore…and of course whilst they have several students simultaneously, the PhD has pretty much been the biggest thing in my life these last few years!

          Anyway, there’s no point crying over lost time so I’ve resolved to down job-ap tools and get stuck into some revision. To this end I am sitting on an Indian blanket in the field in front of the house. I have my soft bound copy of my thesis and two different sized note pads waiting to be filled with thoughtful notes and musings…a cringworthy process, but if I must do this I can’t think of a better set up than this lovely, summer picnic scenario!

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