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The wrong chips…

            So it’s been a couple of months since my last blog post and I’ve just been reading the previous few entries to remind myself of how it’s done. And I have to say I was surprised on two counts: firstly, I partly stopped blogging because of a jaundiced self-opinion regarding the quality of the posts and the fear that they couldn’t possibly be of any interest to anyone…after all, I am a bit of an old bore these days…aren’t I? Well maybe not, I actually found myself giggling at some of my comments which I had quite forgotten making…so at least I made myself laugh!; secondly, I didn’t think I had much new to say, my life is a bit on hold until the handing in of the thesis…however I was pleasantly surprised by how things have quite obviously changed in just a few weeks!

            This must be what people mean about when they look over old diaries and find it therapeutic, that it helps them to calibrate and so forth…meanwhile I’ve always been so self-absorbed and wrapped up with relationship minutiae that this is the first time in my life when I’ve experienced it – because I have actually started to write more than “he said this and I said that and then this happened and now I’m sad” what a waste of a life all of that now seems! It really is liberating to be married and settled, I’m free to become interesting! This probably all sounds a bit smug, and for that I am sorry since, truly, I am anything but!

            The fact of the matter is that I’m just coming out of a miserable spate that has lasted at least a decade and has seen me bore the pants of friends and family with my petty troubles which all seemed very serious at the time…but now I’m doing it again, sorry!

            Anyway, I’m here in Cardiff on a moonlighting expedition, some ad hoc work that comes through every so often and provides a very welcome shot in the arm to my finances. I also get to come down to the beautiful Capital and stay over so I can be fresh as a daisy for the day ahead. On the down side at the moment of course every minute away from my precious thesis seems like a tragic waste of time (except for blogging and navel gazing that is, which are obviously essential sources of de-stressing!)

            Now this particular trip normally means a stay in the luxurious Holland House hotel, where there’s a pool, and amuse-bouche before tea, and the rooms are the size of my old bedsit in Limestone city! Sadly times are tough and certain belts have been tightened…and so it was this evening that when I arrived bedraggled from the train journey, I found myself sat in a sparse, poorly lit ‘lounge’ (and I’m using the term loosely here) choosing from a limited menu (they didn’t even have starters) and when my steak sandwich arrived (this seemed like a safe choice!) the accompanying ‘rustic fries’ (as they were called on the menu) were actually oven chips…yep, flipping oven chips, how they’ve gained such currency is quite beyond my capacity, but there’s one thing for sure: they were not at all what I had in mind when I ordered ‘rustic chips!’

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